Muscle Pain

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  • The M60 is one of the most unique and innovative CBD delivery systems on the market and destroys the status quo. 
  • Nano-encapsulation for maximum bioavailability. These nano CBD particles can enter into different types of tissues that normal particles may not be able to pass through.
  • Transdermal delivery provides relief FAST
  • Apply to a venous area for best efficacy (inside of the wrists, ankle, back of the knee, or top of feet) 2-4 times per day
  • 200mg CBD; 50 (4mg) doses
4.60 out of 5

CBD muscle rub is specially formulated for easy application and quick absorption. Sore muscles from working out, sore feet from standing all day, or nursing an injury, our CBD cream is a perfect choice to assist in a speedy recovery.

5.00 out of 5

Looks like a glue stick!  Works like a glue stick! Way more fun and versatile than a glue stick!  Just pop off the cap and roll it up and roll it on.

You can use it for chapstick in winter, or rub it on sore muscles anytime… bonus tip you can also use the edge of the tube or cap to give yourself a little Myofascial Release and CBD massage.

Our Premium Broad Spectrum CBD Recovery Stick is works quickly to soften and moisturize your skin. Chapped hands and feet don’t stand a chance against 250mg of CBD.

In a pinch you can even use it to soften and control your unruly beard!  LOL!



Get speedy recovery with the power of CBD, Arnica, Witch Hazel, and Menthol!

Pop the top and dig into those sore muscles and joints!

Just pop off the cap and roll it up and roll it on.

Give yourself a little CBD massage and some Myofascial Release.