Last week I flew all over the country.  I went back and forth through 6 time zones twice in 9 days. Let me tell you that Jet Lag is REAL!  Rumor has it that it takes at least one day to acclimate to one time zone. I didn’t have that many days to let my body adjust, so I brought my secret weapon…

A special formula that was tremendously helpful for getting to sleep and waking up with the time zone I was in.  Sleep is also a first line defense for keeping a strong healthy immune system!

The first night I was 5 time zones away from home, so I doubled up on SLEEP.  The combination of  CBD, CBN, and melatonin put me out pretty quick so I could get the recovery by brain and body needed.

The CBD helps with the chronic inflammation of endless hours traveling.

The CBN helps to slow everything down.

Melatonin helps get me to sleep a little bit faster.

Traveling has become vogue again, so if you find yourself crossing multiple time zones for work or for fun, make sure you get the sleep you need for optimal performance!

Have an AWESOME week!