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CBD Honey – Who Knew!?!

How Does CBD Honey Work?

Honey has been utilized for its nutritional and health advantages for thousands of years, much like cannabis. What occurs when you combine the two? We like to imagine that it is pure magic. I’d like to introduce you to CBD honey, one of the most unusual yet effective CBD-infused treats if you enjoy honey and have learned about the advantages of CBD oil.

The Basics You Need to Know

Infused with CBD, CBD honey is exactly what it sounds like.

If you’ve never heard of honey with CBD in it, be ready to be ecstatic. It offers yet another method to benefit from this cannabinoid that the world has gone wild for and is one of the top rising goods in the world of CBD.

Both honey and CBD have a previously unheard-of capacity for improving wellbeing. They form a rather potent cocktail when combined, providing a tasty solution to suit your wellness requirements.

Here, we’ll look at a few advantages of both.

Honey’s Health Benefits

Since ancient times, honey has been a mainstay of man’s natural diet. It offers a wide range of health advantages, making it much more than just a pure natural substitute for table sugar. Among these advantages are:

  • a source of antioxidants
  • Antibacterial Antimicrobial
  • favorable for cardiovascular health may reduce cholesterol levels
  • Suitable for burns and wounds

The Advantages of CBD

Premium CBD tincture from Naked Warrior Recovery – it’s no secret that CBD has become quite popular. It has been demonstrated that this non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which is present in hemp in significant proportions, has a great deal of potential to balance the body as a whole and offer a number of advantages.

It all boils down to how CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body. In order to restore homeostasis, sometimes referred to as natural balance, to numerous physiological activities, CBD interacts with our natural cannabinoid receptors.

CBD continues to be used for new purposes. People use it for:

  • favor wholesome skin
  • achieve better sleep at night and keep your mood in check by supporting your joints and muscles.
  • boost general health

Honey and CBD are a great combination that works well both separately and together. Honey is a fantastic carrier for swiftly delivering CBD to the areas of your body where it is most needed since it enters the bloodstream straight.

Why Try CBD-Infused Honey?

When mixed with CBD oil, honey not only tastes great and is fantastic for your health, but it also provides additional advantages that you won’t find anywhere else.

A pleasant alternative to CBD tinctures or softgels is cannabidiol-infused honey. So, precisely how should this honey be used? We appreciate you asking. The options are essentially limitless. Here are some of our favorites.

Here are a few ways you may utilize honey that has been infused with CBD in your daily life.

1. A sweetener for tea with CBD

Tea and honey go along well. You may boost the sweetness of the mixture by adding a small amount of CBD. Even better, we like to add it to our coffee.

When you wish to sweeten whatever your cup of tea may be, Cannabidiol-infused honey is a great substitute for conventional honey. It may be used as a morning pick-me-up in a cup of Earl Grey or as a relaxing sleep support added to a cup of chamomile.

2. Spread on a sandwich with banana and peanut butter

Did you know that peanut butter contains a lot of tryptophan, the same amino acid that turkey contains, and induces sleep after a heavy Thanksgiving meal?

Tryptophan, potassium, and magnesium are all-natural muscle relaxants that are also present in bananas. The bread’s carbohydrates are also believed to promote sleep.

One of the best snacks for the night is a honey, peanut butter, and banana sandwich due to the calming effects of CBD-infused honey.

3. Add to sweeten your favorite smoothie

Smoothies with superfoods are our thing. They are among the greatest (and fastest) methods for supplying your body with the nutrients it requires to flourish. What better way to add sweetness to a smoothie than by drizzling a little CBD-infused honey on top?

In addition to being delicious, cannabidiol honey is brimming with added wellness advantages that will help you feel vibrant and your healthiest.

4. Remedy for a hangover

Here is a thing. The next time you go out and indulge in too many cocktails, honey may be the key to preventing a crippling hangover the following day. According to experts, honey is a fantastic remedy for the dreadful affects of a hangover.

Alcohol breaks down into an acetaldehyde molecule, which is harmful to the body and causes a hangover. This is what contributes to the hangover symptoms of headache, body soreness, nausea, and vomiting.

Honey’s fructose breaks down alcohol into metabolites that are less harmful than acetaldehyde. Combining this particular honey with CBD’s balancing effects may offer substantial relief from hangover symptoms without requiring the presence of dog hair – get it?

5. Organic facial

Hemp-based honey for face

Natural antibacterial honey may be beneficial for skin that is prone to acne, according to studies. While it won’t treat all cases of acne, it has demonstrated the ability to significantly lessen the appearance of pimples by draining extra fluid.

Additionally, CBD is a fantastic substance to help a clean complexion! CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in your skin to promote equilibrium.

When it comes to encouraging healthy skin, honey with CBD in it may offer some significant advantages. Every morning or night after washing, just apply this honey to your face, let it remain for a few minutes, and then wash it off with warm water.

6. For light burns, scrapes, and cuts

The next time you have a minor cut, scrape, or burn, consider trying cannabidiol-infused honey rather of some over-the-counter salve. Apply a tiny bit of honey to the area of your body that is hurt, then wait for the natural antibacterial capabilities to start working.

Because CBD promotes skin health, it gives the honey more punch. It’s a must-have in the natural medicine cabinet for when the inevitable cut, scrape, or minor burn occurs.

How to Prepare CBD-Infused Honey at Home

It’s simple to make your own CBD honey at home. All you need is some honey and high-quality CBD oil. While buying local honey is usually better, if you can’t locate any, make sure you get the best honey you can afford.


  • 16oz of premium honey-infused CBD oil tincture
  • What you require:
  • a lidded glass jar (a mason jar works excellent).
  • Saucepan Spoon


Utilizing a spoon, transfer the honey to the glass container.

Bring to a boil a saucepan that has been filled with water up to the level of the honey in the glass.

When the pot has finished boiling, remove it from the heat and add the honey jar inside with the lid fastened loosely. The honey will thin down as it heats after about 5 minutes.

When the honey starts to become thinner, remove the cover, add the CBD tincture gently (how much you use is up to you), and mix it thoroughly to make sure it is spread evenly.

Allow the CBD to rest for around 30 minutes after you’ve added the correct serving to ensure adequate infusion.

When completed, be sure to carefully screw the lid on.

Your honey should be kept at room temperature.

How Sweet It Is: CBD Oil & Honey

They may be viewed as the ideal pairing by some.

In addition to serving as a sweetener, CBD honey has several advantages that can help you achieve wellbeing. Additionally, making it at home is really simple.

CBD-infused honey is one of the tastiest options you can make if you’re seeking another method to consume CBD on a daily basis, including CBD honey in your health regimen.

How CBD Has Helped Me After Leaving the SEAL Teams

As a retired US Navy SEAL veteran, I know all too well the physical and emotional toll that serving our country can take on a person. When I left the service, I had a litany of issues to deal with, including the emotional decompression I experienced and the effects of physical injuries I acquired during my years of service working within special operations forces. After trying various treatments and therapies, I had another SEAL brother share some CBD with me, and I started to learn more about its potential to help alleviate what I was experiencing.

I haven’t been shy about my post SEAL team life and especially the first year and a half after my retirement. I started using alcohol to self-medicate in an attempt to tone down the anger I was feeling. I also experienced physical pain throughout my body, and I wasn’t willing to commit to a life of prescription medicine that would likely harm me in the long haul rather than address my problems.

A SEAL brother of mine shared with me a bag of his CBD gummies, and I started to take them. I noticed that my pain was lessening, and I wasn’t as angry as I had been in the past. Eventually, I found myself becoming more even-tempered inside and less angry. Then I ran out of gummies, and the anger started to build again. I bought another bag of gummies, and the anger started to diminish again, and I thought, “Hey there’s something to this.”

So I started a CBD company.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has been shown to have a variety of potential health benefits. Unlike its cousin THC, which is the psychoactive compound responsible for the “high” associated with marijuana use, CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects. Instead, it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating a variety of physiological processes, including pain perception, mood, and sleep.

I wanted to create a product that was not only effective but also trustworthy and transparent. The Navy SEAL ethos is one I don’t take lightly and resonates with my personal and professional core values. I know firsthand the importance of integrity and honesty, and I wanted my company to reflect those values.

One of the main reasons I started a CBD company was to provide other veterans with an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical treatments for conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, and PTSD. Many veterans are prescribed a metric shit ton of prescription meds, including opioids for chronic pain, which can be highly addictive and have dangerous side effects. CBD, on the other hand, has been shown to have few side effects and a low risk of addiction.

In addition to providing veterans with an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals, I wanted to create a company that supported the effort to educate and prevent veteran service members suicide, which is climbing at an alarming rate. It’s something I speak of when I travel and address business leaders across the country.

Starting a CBD company, not only as a retired Navy SEAL veteran from Naval Special Warfare but as a small business owner, has not been without its challenges. There is still a lot of stigma surrounding cannabis and CBD, and it can sometimes be difficult to navigate the complex legal landscape. However, I believe that the potential benefits of CBD are worth the effort, and it’s an established alternate form of treatment for many. I think we’re still at the beginning of really understanding what CBD oil can do for the active service members of our armed forces as well as our veterans. In my opinion, this is our new mission – to combat the individual forces that separate us from living our best life and focus on post-career care. Negligence, ignorance, and stagnation for treatment is our new enemy.

If you want to learn more about how I cultivate a strong mindset and apply the use of CBD in my life, check out a recent podcast I was a guest on as I talk about all of this.

Embrace the Suck

As a Navy SEAL, I can attest to the fact that “embracing the suck” is a core philosophy that is ingrained in every SEAL candidate from the moment they begin their training. It’s a mentality that is vital for success, not just in the military but in all aspects of our lives while in the service and after. Embracing the suck means accepting and even enjoying the difficulties and challenges that come with any situation and using them as an opportunity to grow and improve. I share my personal experiences with how I’ve embraced the suck, as well as some insights into how this mindset can benefit anyone who chooses to adopt it as part of my 5 SEAL Secrets (there’s a link below to download it for free).

It’s important to understand the origins of the term “embrace the suck.” It’s a phrase that has been used in the SEAL teams for many years and in the whole special operations forces community. I first learned it when I entered my first phase of the SEAL BUD/s training program and the lessons continued through second phase, third phase, and well into my career as a SEAL leader. Looking back, the physical screening test to qualify for BUD/s was the easiest part of my career!

William Branum US Navy SEAL BUDs

William Branum US Navy SEAL BUDs

“Embrace the suck” refers to the idea that when things get tough, the tough never quit – they embrace the difficulty and push through it. In BUD/s, on the grinder at the Naval Special Warfare Center, and throughout our SEAL qualification training, we learn the price of complaining when “the suck” becomes much harder. The instructors correct anyone who complains quickly by increasing the level, difficulty, and consequences of “the suck.” When a candidate starts falling back or showing weakness, physical training becomes increasingly difficult. By the fourth week of training, we enter Hell Week, where we endure the most grueling conditions of our initial training.

William Branum US Navy SEAL Second Phase

William Branum US Navy SEAL Second Phase

In SEAL training, “the suck” refers to the grueling physical and mental challenges that candidates must endure to become SEALs. These challenges include long, punishing swims in frigid water, sleep deprivation, and hours of physical exertion in extreme heat or cold. We are set up to fail every day and in every evolution. I can attest to the fact that it was an essential part of my process. The instructors were experts at pushing us beyond our limits and making us face our fears, both physical and mental. But as challenging as it was, it taught us the value of perseverance, mental toughness, leadership skills, and teamwork. We learned to embrace failure and use it as a stepping stone to success.

I quickly learned the importance of embracing the suck in the early days of training. Not everyone is good at swimming or running, and in BUD/s, you learn if you’re a better swimmer or a better runner. When I found myself struggling to keep up with my teammates, I took that pressure and turned it into power. The long, grueling days left me exhausted and sore, and like everyone in BUD/s at one point or another, I wondered if I had what it took to make it through.

It was during these moments that I began to embrace the challenges and see them as opportunities, or else I’d fail and return to the fleet. For me, that wasn’t an option. One of the most important things I learned during SEAL training was that embracing the suck isn’t just about physical toughness – it’s also about mental resilience. When you’re exhausted, cold, chaffed raw, in pain, and miserable, it’s easy to let negative thoughts creep in and start to bring you down. But if you can learn to control your thoughts and maintain a productive attitude, you can push through even the toughest situations.

William Branum US Navy SEAL Third Phase

William Branum US Navy SEAL Third Phase

Instead of dreading the next evolution or feeling sorry for myself, I started to shift my mindset and look at the challenges as a way to perform better. Our minds have a way of complicating the things we face and creates this overwhelming blockade that we have to tear down, or else we never get anywhere. I started to focus on the most basic actions that required me to forge ahead and eliminate all the shit in my mind that didn’t serve me in the moment. I figured out how to use the pain of all that sucked to motivate me and power my way through and focus on how to win, one evolution at a time. I made the decision not to quit because it wasn’t an option. Ever.

William Branum US Navy SEAL Sniper

William Branum US Navy SEAL Sniper

I remember one particular evolution during training where we were required to carry the heaviest log in BUD/s named Old Misery. It was grueling, and as we were covered in sand from head to toe, we struggled through the evolution. I chose to focus on the moment and the teamwork that we built. My determination to not fail contributed to us managing through the suck. I pushed through the pain and exhaustion with the rest of the men under that log.

Another important aspect of embracing the suck is recognizing that it’s not just about the individual – it’s about the team. In SEAL training, we were constantly reminded that we were only as strong as our weakest link. If one teammate struggled, we all struggled. If you struggled, you were the cause of everyone else’s struggle. We all had to help each other through it because, in BUD/s, you cannot pass the training on your own merit – no man is an island in BUD/s or on the Teams. It doesn’t matter if you graduated from the Naval Academy or Officer Candidate School. Both enlisted personnel and officers experience the same challenges before graduating and becoming a US Navy SEAL.

William Branum US Navy SEAL BUDs Graduation

William Branum US Navy SEAL BUDs Graduation

This mentality not only helped us build our strong bonds of trust and camaraderie, but it also made us more effective as a small unit tactics a team. The Navy SEAL Brotherhood exists because we face the same challenges, and our collective ability to work together and build the most unbreakable relationships are forged not only by embracing the suck together but achieving results together. We are able to push through even the toughest challenges and come out stronger on the other side. The voluntary drop rate is high for a reason (it’s an equitable training environment) because you need to be more than physically qualified to become a SEAL. Eligible applicants also have to demonstrate the mental toughness to sustain their abilities and achieve mission success in the environment we endure.

So how can you apply the Navy SEAL philosophy of embracing the suck to your own life? Whether you’re facing a difficult work project, a challenging workout, or a personal crisis, the key is approaching it with the attitude and willingness to embrace the difficulty. Instead of focusing on the pain and discomfort, see the challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. If you’re working with a team, make sure you’re supporting each other and working together to overcome the challenge. The toughest challenges often lead to the greatest rewards. By embracing the suck, you’ll not only become a stronger, more resilient person, but you’ll also be able to achieve things you never thought possible.

William Branum US Navy SEAL New York

William Branum US Navy SEAL New York

It was only by facing our weaknesses and overcoming them that we became SEALs. Throughout our careers, we used the same principles in tactical training as we learned in our basic SEAL training to become better and more effective at what we do. The lessons I learned serving in Naval Special Warfare have stayed with me throughout my career and personal life. I believe that the mindset of pushing oneself to the limit and never giving up is a valuable lesson for anyone, regardless of their profession.

If you’d like to learn my 5 SEAL Secrets, click this link