I have a confession that I’m not proud of.  I didn’t always know the meaning of Memorial Day.

When I was in high school and even my early years in the Navy, all I knew is it was a day where we got a couple extra days off.

I did not grasp the magnitude or the meaning of the day…until I lost a friend, a Team Mate and we honored him the following Memorial Day.  Then I understood the power of this day.

Now I look at Memorial Day as a celebration of the LIVES our American Heroes lived before they gave their ALL in service to us and our great country.

Memorial Day is about SERVICE, SACRIFICE and GIVING.

Come celebrate this Memorial Day with me by serving and giving to the people around you.

Reach out to a friend or better yet a stranger and say “HI”, or “I APPRECIATE YOU”, or volunteer somewhere.

In your service and giving, remember all of those amazing men and women who served and gave every ounce of themselves for you.

The smallest acts of kindness have the greatest impact, especially when it isn’t expected.

The small gifts you give through your service will change people’s lives.

Have an AWESOME Safe Weekend!

And don’t forget to GET NAKED!

William Branum
CEO and Founder
Naked Warrior Recovery