I recently started the “low carb” or “keto” meal plan thing and I have to be honest with you, its not easy!!!

Actually, I’m finding it harder than doing a 5 day fast…if that’s possible.

The math alone was complicated trying to figure out how much of what to eat.  I finally figured out that for a 2000 calorie day, I needed to eat approximately:

150g of Protein

150g of Fat

50f of Carbohydrates

Somehow that math equals 70% Fats, 20% Protein, and 10% Carbs. 

Does that make sense to you?

Once I figured out how much of what I need to eat the math got easier, but what hasn’t gotten easier yet is my energy levels…

I’ve never been so ready to go to bed at the end of the day (even during a 5 day fast) as I have been lately on this low carb/Keto meal plan.

Now the experts say “your body will adjust and become “fat adapted” and fats will become your primary fuel.  

I can’t wait to get to that point!  Until then, I have been impressed how much of an energy boot I’m getting out of our Super Greens.  Just a quick shot (1 scoop and 3oz of water) gives me a nice boost of energy when I’m feeling a bit sluggish.

If you are interested in a low carb or keto meal plan, I found this article that gives you an idea of what you can and shouldn’t eat.

Here is a quick list of does and don’ts from the article: 

Eat: Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, high-fat dairy, fats, healthy oils and maybe even some tubers and non-gluten grains.

Don’t eat: Sugar, HFCS, wheat, seed oils, trans fats, “diet” and low-fat products and highly processed foods.

I hope this helps you if you are interested in starting a low carb/keto lifestyle.

And as always, don’t forget to GET NAKED!