Year: 2021

6 Time Zones, 8 Cities, 10 Days


This was my travel schedule last week.  I only counted the cities I slept in.

The lesson I learned here is that America is open and people are ready to travel.

Airplanes are full again, it’s hard to get a rental car if you don’t plan ahead, and there aren’t many deals to be had any more.

Masks are a thing of the past, except in the airport, and I witnessed thousands of people over 10 days of travel going back to the same ole hygiene habits…

I wanted to make sure I didn’t get sick while traveling so I brought a secret weapon with me.

It’s kind of a bundle of weapons..

It’s kind of a bundle of weapons… 

I bought 3 supplements:

* Navy SEAL Super Greens and took one in scoop in the morning and one at night

* IMMUNE 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night 

Lastly, I made SLEEP a priority every day, because  SLEEP is when the body does all of its recovering.

* SLEEP 2 softgels at night 30 minutes before bed.

If you have any travel coming up this summer as the nation starts to get back to normal, try this combination to stay healthy and recovered.

Just because, I’m giving a 25% discount in the next 24 hours on all supplement related products of Naked Warrior.  Just use code TRAVEL at checkout.

Have an AWESOME healthy week!

And as always don’t forget to GET NAKED!

Time Zone Hack

Last week I flew all over the country.  I went back and forth through 6 time zones twice in 9 days. Let me tell you that Jet Lag is REAL!  Rumor has it that it takes at least one day to acclimate to one time zone. I didn’t have that many days to let my body adjust, so I brought my secret weapon…

A special formula that was tremendously helpful for getting to sleep and waking up with the time zone I was in.  Sleep is also a first line defense for keeping a strong healthy immune system!

The first night I was 5 time zones away from home, so I doubled up on SLEEP.  The combination of  CBD, CBN, and melatonin put me out pretty quick so I could get the recovery by brain and body needed.

The CBD helps with the chronic inflammation of endless hours traveling.

The CBN helps to slow everything down.

Melatonin helps get me to sleep a little bit faster.

Traveling has become vogue again, so if you find yourself crossing multiple time zones for work or for fun, make sure you get the sleep you need for optimal performance!

Have an AWESOME week!


Special Day for all the Mom`s… Happy Mother`s Day!

I love my mom!

I can’t think of a better person to celebrate! Sunday is Mother’s Day and I just want to say to all the mothers out there, THANK YOU!!!

Without mother’s, none of us would be here. I believe a mother’s love is the strongest love in the world.

I say that as a father of 3 amazing kids. I love them all more deeply than anything else in the world…

However, I know that no matter how much love I have for them, their mothers will always trump me in that department.

So in celebration of this very Cool and AWESOME DAY,
I’d like to have a sale just to say THANK YOU to all of the Mothers!

Use code: MOM
At Check Out to save 25%

Thank you for all the support you have given us! Thank you to all the MOMS out there for raising such amazing people!

And like I always say, don’t forget to GET NAKED!

Forgotten Moms…

I was just thinking about all the moms I know out there and then I remembered the forgotten Moms…

These love just as much as other moms, but we generally forget that they are moms too!

The moms I’m talking about are the moms of fur babies…yes, I know what a fur baby is. I read Instagram profiles. LOL!

Some moms are lucky enough to have kids and fur babies. Talk about LOVE!!!

So for all the “forgotten” moms out there, here’s to you! Thank you for being AWESOME and sharing your fur babies with the world.

We at Naked Warrior Recovery appreciate you too!

And as a reminder, use code: MOM for 25% off!

Have an AWESOME Mother’s Day weekend y’all! I appreciate you and all you do to make the world a better place!

Don’t forget to GET NAKED!

What’s More Dangerous? Jumping From Outer Space or…?

What’s more dangerous?

There is a Genesis Book World Record of a man (Felix Baumgartner) taking a hot air balloon up to outer space (while wearing a spacesuit), and jumping out. 

The guy broke the sound barrier as he was falling through the stratosphear in a collision course for earth!  He reached a maximum speed of 843.6 mph!

Why is this safer than not getting enough SLEEP?

You see, the Genesis Book of World Records will not allow anyone to challenge how long they can stay awake.

Do you know why?  Because if staying awake too long doesn’t kill you, it will cause irreparable damage to your body, and that would be extremely unethical on the Genesis Book of World Records’ part.

It is safer and way more healthy to go without food for a long period of time than it is to go without sleep for a long period of time.

So we have to ask the question, if SLEEP is so important why do we not get enough?

There are a TON of reasons that our sleep is disturbed and it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves and do whatever we need to do to get the sleep our body needs to regenerate for the next day and rest of our lives.

Below is a list of the effects of sleep deprivation from an article I found for you.

  1. Central nervous system is the main information highway of your body. Sleep is necessary to keep it functioning properly.  Not getting enough sleep can lead to: bipolar mood disorder, impulsive behavior, anxiety, depression, paranoia, and suicidal thoughts.
  2. Immune system produces protective, infection-fighting substances like antibodies and cytokines. It uses these substances to combat bacteria and viruses.  Long-term sleep deprivation may increase your risk for chronic conditions, such as diabetes mellitus and heart disease.
  3. Digestive System has several hormones that are affected by sleep.  Not enough sleep can cause your body to release less insulin and lower the body’s tolerance for glucose.  Sleep has a greater effect on weight loss and overall health than diet alone.
  4. Cardiovascular System uses sleep to lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and inflammation.  Sleep also gives the body a chance to repair vessels and the heart.  Sleep deprivation increases the chances of heart attack and stroke.

Some ways to improve our sleep:

  • Reduce Caffeine use after noon, or 8 hours before bedtime
  • Go to bed at the same time every night
  • Get at the same time every morning
  • Use natural sleep remedies like, echinacea, melatonin, magnesium, and CBD
  • Avoid blue light (all electronics) an hour before bed.
  • Reduce alcohol intake
  • Take a hot or cold shower

As you can see, not getting enough sleep is more dangerous than jumping from outer space without a rocket.

If you have any questions about SLEEP please let me know.

Like I always say, don’t forget to GET NAKED!

Dude, Have You Tried Low Carb?

I recently started the “low carb” or “keto” meal plan thing and I have to be honest with you, its not easy!!!

Actually, I’m finding it harder than doing a 5 day fast…if that’s possible.

The math alone was complicated trying to figure out how much of what to eat.  I finally figured out that for a 2000 calorie day, I needed to eat approximately:

150g of Protein

150g of Fat

50f of Carbohydrates

Somehow that math equals 70% Fats, 20% Protein, and 10% Carbs. 

Does that make sense to you?

Once I figured out how much of what I need to eat the math got easier, but what hasn’t gotten easier yet is my energy levels…

I’ve never been so ready to go to bed at the end of the day (even during a 5 day fast) as I have been lately on this low carb/Keto meal plan.

Now the experts say “your body will adjust and become “fat adapted” and fats will become your primary fuel.  

I can’t wait to get to that point!  Until then, I have been impressed how much of an energy boot I’m getting out of our Super Greens.  Just a quick shot (1 scoop and 3oz of water) gives me a nice boost of energy when I’m feeling a bit sluggish.

If you are interested in a low carb or keto meal plan, I found this article that gives you an idea of what you can and shouldn’t eat.

Here is a quick list of does and don’ts from the article: 

Eat: Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, high-fat dairy, fats, healthy oils and maybe even some tubers and non-gluten grains.

Don’t eat: Sugar, HFCS, wheat, seed oils, trans fats, “diet” and low-fat products and highly processed foods.

I hope this helps you if you are interested in starting a low carb/keto lifestyle.

And as always, don’t forget to GET NAKED!

How to Turn Back the Clock?

Some of you might know that I just finished a 3 day fast where I consumed 0 calories…

My daily intake was black coffee, CBD Energy Drink, and NW Super Greens for 3 consecutive days.  I also did some light workouts.

Research has shown that fasting is a great way to reset hormone that are out of balance, improves blood sugar control, improves body composition and reduces inflammation.

In short, fasting can help turn back the clock and give you a few more years to have an amazing life.

These are all the reasons I am making fasting (intermittent and extended) a regular part of my life.

While continuing to research fasting, I came across this article, 6 Popular Ways to do Intermittent Fasting.

Here are the highlights:

1. The 16/8 method.  Only eat during an 8 hour window during the day. Once I started doing this method, I learned to control my impulses to just grab a snack. The other HUGE benefit was that I no longer get “Hangry”.

2. The 5:2 diet.  Involves eating normally 5 days of the week while restricting your calorie intake to 500–600 for 2 days of the week.

3. Eat Stop Eat. Involves a 24-hour fast once or twice per week. The technique is fasting from dinner one day to dinner the next day, this amounts to a full 24-hour fast.

4. Alternate-day Fasting.  Eat normally one day. The next day eat no more than 500 calories.

5.The Warrior Diet.  It involves eating small amounts of raw fruits and vegetables during the day and eating one huge meal at night.

6. Spontaneous Meal Skipping.  Another way to do intermittent fasting is to simply skip one or two meals when you don’t feel hungry or don’t have time to eat.

No matter how discipline your meal plan is, you can never go wrong by skipping a  meal or two.

Whether you’re doing intermittent fasting or a multi day fast, make sure you stay hydrated, and increase the vitamins and minerals your body needs to work at an optimum level.

As always, stay awesome and GET NAKED!

Do You Do These 3 Things?

I came across this article this weekend titled “C-19 Lifestyle Tips to Stay Healthy During the Pandemic”.

After a quick scan it became very clear that this article wasn’t actually about C-19.  It was really about some solid tips to maintain a healthy body and mind just by having healthy habits.

Here are a few outtakes from the article:

Stay Active.  This is really simple and easy to do.  You don’t have to go to the gym or invest into a bunch of equipment for a home gym.  Just go for a walk.  Studies have shown that going for a 10-15 min walk right after a meal helps to regulate blood sugar and speed digestion.

Adequate Sleep. Sleep often times seems like a magical mythical creature that I’m on a constant quest to find. LOL!  Sleep is magical though.  Sleep is the time when your body goes into “repair mode” and boosts your immune system.  The amount of time you need to sleep every night is highly individual.  Focus on quality of sleep.

Diet and Nutrition.  I’m no stranger to “emotional eating” or having dessert after dinner most nights during the week (it’s Emily’s fault).  Doritos are the worst!  Especially the purple bag ones Sweet and Spicy…  Fortunately they are hard to find here in Hawaii. Stick with whole foods with dark leafy greens, fresh vegetables, and herbs that are high in loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Cope with Stress.  Many times stress can be reduced just by getting up and going for a walk, or just changing the environment that you’re in.  Get up and go into a different room or go for a drive around the neighborhood.  When you change your environment you change what is happening in your mind.

Stay Connected.  Send a message to a friend or family member that you have and tell them how awesome they are and that you appreciate them.  That little tip will do wanders with your relationships.

Have a great start to your week!  Eat a healthy dinner, go for a walk and hit the sheets.

And always GET NAKED!